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Rose Hip Tea 340 g


The dog rose is considered as the most concentrated natural source of vitamin C because it has 50-100 times more than citrus, a good reason this ,which helps in natural protection of the body. Industrial pollution, electronic equipment,smoke etc are elements that raise the organism necessity for vitamin C. The presence of wild apple and bilberry in this tea adds its values and the taste as well. This blend is a good anti-inflammatory and a regulator for the blood circulation. It strengthen the immune system like an anti-allergic and prevents the respiration allergies. It has diuretic properties.It reduces the cholesterol levels in blood . It is recommended for all the ages.

Sage Tea 90 g


The sage leaves contain essence rich in thujone ,tannin,bitter substances and have good curative and regenerative qualities for the nervous and digestive system. It helps against diarrhea and during the menstruation.

For specific uses consult your physician! Doses must be respected and is recommended not to be used for long periods of time (more than 3 weeks) without interruption.It is not recommended to be used by women during pregnancy and lactation. Sage itself is a good natural conservant . It is used in bronchitis, depression and as a mouthwash against tonsillitis infection. It is used as a detox of the body and skin and is very effective in conditions of excessive sweating or simply as an fragrance for the body.

Spearmint Tea 175 g


Spearmint tea is a very refreshing tea, mainly used in north Africa countries like Morocco. It is known to calm the nervous system , reduces flatulence, stimulate the gall`s blader function and is used in conditions of diarrhea and dizziness to rehydrate. Spearmint is rich in menthol and tannin. This tea can be enjoyed with some ice and decorated with some fresh spearmint leaves.

White Tea Pai Mu Tan 80 g


Pai Mu Tan is another version of white tea created from a new bud and two leafs of Camellia sinensis. A smooth floral aroma is released when making the tea. It is very rich in antioxidants, may reduce the risk of heart disease and lose weight. White tea is a great source of fluoride, catechins and tannins, these compounds can help fight bacteria that cause plaque on teeth. The best way to prepare is with light mineral water.When brewed it gets a greenish to gold color.

Wild Apple Tea 270 g


Apple tea offers high amounts of magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and sodium, all of which can help build strong bones. It contains antioxidants that help boosting the immune system. which helps in fighting many types of diseases and infections. It is used in conditions such as diarrhea and throat’s irritation.

Wild Blackberry Tea +


The wild Blackberry contains high levels of antioxidants like anthocianins. The antioxidants help fighting against free radicals in the body. They have high content of vitamin C,Vitamin A and K and are a good source of fiber. They help in the improvement of cognitive function.