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Chopped Basil 26g

Basil is one of the aromatic herbs most used and found in many recipes all over the world. Originating from tropical Asia, especially from India, it was brought to Europe from the Greeks and the Romans. The beginning of massive use in the Mediterranean cuisine began from the XV century. It is the main ingredient of many traditional recipes of Italy and France. It is used in stews, soups, recipes with meat and vegetables. Very famous in the Pesto Genovese sauce.

Cinnamon 30g


Përbërja: Kanellë e grirë.

Përdorimi: Përdoret në përgatitjen e tortave dhe ëmbëlsirave të ndryshme, si sultiashit e budingut, ashurja tradicionale, tek pilafi (sipas shijes) në akullore, revani, kabuni, hallva, etj. Përdoret gjithashtu dhe si kondityrë për kapucino. Gjen një përdorim të gjerë në gatimet tradicionale të kuzhinës greke.

Dehydrated Garlic 30g


In contact with the humidity of the food, it release its strong and fresh aroma. It is used mainly with oven cooked and barbeque meat, with fish, seafood, in sauces and pickled vegetables. Goes well with stews and is very practical in use by avoiding the discomfort of grinding the fresh garlic.