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Aphrodisiac tea 90g


Composition: Marjoram, mint leaves, fennel, cinnamon, salep, sage, acacia flowers, chaste tree, etc. Curative Properties: Medicinal plants with aphrodisiac abilities (sexual stimulation) are included in this tea. The active ingredients...

Anti-Asthmatic Tea 90g


Ingredients: Mallow root, wild thyme, yarrow, coltsfoot leaves, marshmallow flowers, lavender flowers, etc. Curative properties: The mixture is thanks to the mallow root and the coltsfoot leaves containing a lot of mucilage...

Anti-Cellulite Tea 90g


Ingredients: milkweed root, corn whisker, birch leaf, basil, cinnamon, bean husk, etc. Curative properties: Herbal blend to promote the secretion of body fluids. Because of the diuretic character of the...

Anti-diabetic tea 100g


Ingredients: Couch grass, hawthorn, bilberry leaves, milkweed root, stinging nettle leaves, common centaury, myrtle leaves, goat's rue, linden flowers, bean husks, etc. Curative properties: In this tea there are mixtures of different...

Anti-flu tea 90g


Composition: Elderflower, linden flower, primrose, willow bark, wild rose, coltsfoot, wild thyme, etc. Curative properties: In this tea blend that prevents and soothes the flu and combats high fevers, there...

Anti-Cholesterol Tea 95g


Ingredients: Birch leaves, hawthorn flowers, stinging nettle leaves, common fumitory, milkweed root, horsetail, wild rose, common mistletoe, cherry leaves, artichoke, olive leaves. Curative properties: the plants combined in this herbal...

Anti-Stress Tea 100g


Composition: Hawthorn flower, chamomile, lemon balm, pennyroyal, sage, german iris, common hop, willow bark. Curative properties: The plants combined in this tea, complementing each other's actions, give it a complete calming...

Anti-Tonsilitis Tea 85g


Composition: Sage, pennyroyal, rose, walnut leaf, coltsfoot, elderflower, yarrow, savory, marshmallow, chamomile, hawthorn, plantain, strawberry leaf, fennel, etc. Curative properties : The leaves of pennroyal, sage, thyme, chamomile flowers and fennel, thanks...

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