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Aronia tea 400g


Aronia is a plant discovered and used first in North America and then in Europe. In recent years, the great demand for its fruits made the farmers of our country...

Blueberry tea 430g


Ingredients: 100% organic wild blueberries. Curative properties: Blueberry fruits (or cherry fruits) are rich in tannin, malic, citric and benzoic acids as well as vitamins A, C and P. Blueberry...

Forest Fruit Tea 340g


Composition: Cranberry, red rose, blackberry, wild gooseberry, wild apple. Curative properties: Mixing the fruits of aromatic-medicinal plants completely wild and grown in our forests, makes this mixture absolutely one of the...

White tea 80g


Pai Mu Tan is a prized variant of white tea created from a young bud and two young leaves of Camellia sinensis. A very soft floral aroma is felt when...

Black tea 180g


Black tea has been known and used since ancient times in its countries of origin of China and Japan and then spread around the globe. Black tea leaves contain, among other...

Green tea 200g


Curative properties: Green tea has been known and used since ancient times, starting in its countries of origin such as China and Japan and then spread around the globe. Green...

Chamomile tea 105g


Composition: Chamomile flower Properties: Chamomile is known as a very effective natural sedative. It is used to remove gas from the intestines and relieve cramps (muscle spasms). Chamomile is used...

Lemon & ginger tea 170g


The tea consists of Aloysia Citrodora leaves (Herba Louisa) and ginger roots, which are a perfect combination. Those that give the tea its characteristic spicy taste and medicinal values. Used for...

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