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Ginger 315g


Ginger is among the most used spices in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is mainly used in flavoring drinks (liquers, etc.) and fruits. It can also find a pleasant...

Green pepper 270g


Dehydrated green pepper is a very practical food, usable in various soups, dishes and salads. Eliminates the tedium of pepper peeling and regains all the aroma and flavor of fresh...

Oregano 170g


Oregano is one of the most used spices in world cuisine, known since the earliest times. Oregano, due to its taste, can be used almost anywhere, in meatballs, roasted and...

Himalayan salt 800g


Pink Himalayan iodized salt contains over 80 different types of minerals that are very necessary for the various metabolic processes of the body. It is used as table salt, just...

Spec I Kuq Pikant I Plotë 160g


Përdoret shumë pëlqyeshëm në përzjerjen e vajit pikant (vaj ulliri me hudhër). Një varietet shumë pikant për ti dhënë çdo gatimi shijen pikante të tij. Përdoret kryesisht në gjellë të...

Kripë Himalaje e imët 800g


Kripa Rozë e Himalajes e jodizuar përmban mbi 80 lloje të ndryshme mineralesh tepër të nevojshme për proceset e ndryshme metabolike të organizmit. Perdoret si kripe tryeze, njësoj si kripa...

Spicy Red Pepper 350g


This variety is the first quality and unquestionably a spiciness selected from the best red pepper varieties. It is widely used in various sauces, soups, many types of dishes, risottos,...

Sweet Red Pepper 380g


It is mainly used for the flavor and color it gives in cooking. It is widely used in various dishes, in soups and sauces, in cooking meat, meatballs and some...