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Herbal slim tea 140g


Herbal Slim Tea (Slimming tea) is a dietary tea based on all natural plant composition, which provides a healthy weight loss. 😊 Benefits: Stimulates digestion. Increases metabolism. Eliminates fatty tissue. Controls...

Immunity-Strengthening Tea 100g


Ingredients: Wild rose, cranberry (cherry), and wild apple. Healing properties: The red rose is considered the most concentrated natural source of vitamin C as it contains 50-100 times more than...

Orange tea 40g


Properties: Orange tea is rich in vitamin C, it contains a significant amount of pectin which helps to reduce cholesterol. This fantastic tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, helps lower blood...

Black Juniper Essence 10ml


• High vitamin C content • Powerful antioxidant • Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation in the skin •Reduces age/sun spots and clears pores • Diuretic: helps kidney function by stimulating urination •...

Curry Aromatic Mix 50g


Contents: Curry is not a spice by itself but a mixture of several different types of exotic spices such as: indie saffron, ginger, cumin, pepper, cardamom, red pepper, etc. Properties: Depending on...

Linden Flower Tea 40g


Contents: linden flower Curative Properties: Due to the property of the linden flower to promote body sweat, it is recommended to consume this tea to combat diseases caused by colds and associated...

Senna Leaf Tea 65g


Composition: Senna leaves (Cassia Angustifolia) Curative properties: Senna leaves, thanks to the anthrokinotic heterosides they contain, promote excrement in the body. Senna is a well-known, efficient and useful plant since...

Cherry Stem Tea 50g


The tea consists of the dried stems of cherry fruits (Prunus cerasus), which are fruit trees cultivated almost everywhere in Albania. Due to these stems containing tannins, they are used as astringents, and...

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