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Cranberry 40g


Contents: Cranberry Properties: Cranberry belongs to the bilberry family (Vaccinium) and shares similar nutritional values. It is widespread mainly in the cold countries of the Northern Hemisphere. It is rich in...

Aphrodisiac tea 90g


Composition: Marjoram, mint leaves, fennel, cinnamon, salep, sage, acacia flowers, chaste tree, etc. Curative Properties: Medicinal plants with aphrodisiac abilities (sexual stimulation) are included in this tea. The active ingredients...

Anti-Asthmatic Tea 90g


Ingredients: Mallow root, wild thyme, yarrow, coltsfoot leaves, marshmallow flowers, lavender flowers, etc. Curative properties: The mixture is thanks to the mallow root and the coltsfoot leaves containing a lot of mucilage...

Anti-diabetic tea 100g


Ingredients: Couch grass, hawthorn, bilberry leaves, milkweed root, stinging nettle leaves, common centaury, myrtle leaves, goat's rue, linden flowers, bean husks, etc. Curative properties: In this tea there are mixtures of different...

Anti-flu tea 90g


Composition: Elderflower, linden flower, primrose, willow bark, wild rose, coltsfoot, wild thyme, etc. Curative properties: In this tea blend that prevents and soothes the flu and combats high fevers, there...

Anti-Cholesterol Tea 95g


Ingredients: Birch leaves, hawthorn flowers, stinging nettle leaves, common fumitory, milkweed root, horsetail, wild rose, common mistletoe, cherry leaves, artichoke, olive leaves. Curative properties: the plants combined in this herbal...

Anti-Stress Tea 100g


Composition: Hawthorn flower, chamomile, lemon balm, pennyroyal, sage, german iris, common hop, willow bark. Curative properties: The plants combined in this tea, complementing each other's actions, give it a complete calming...

Anti-Tonsilitis Tea 85g


Composition: Sage, pennyroyal, rose, walnut leaf, coltsfoot, elderflower, yarrow, savory, marshmallow, chamomile, hawthorn, plantain, strawberry leaf, fennel, etc. Curative properties : The leaves of pennroyal, sage, thyme, chamomile flowers and fennel, thanks...

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