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Highland tea 40g


Ingredients: Red oregano. Due to it containing essence, bitter substances, tannins, etc., mountain oregano (red oregano) is used as a tea that helps digestion and expectoration, the treatment of respiratory...

Mountain tea bouquet 40g


Composition: Mountain tea (Sideritis Syriaca) Properties: Mountain tea is among the most popular and useful teas in Albania as well as in some of the Mediterranean countries. We offer the best...

Matcha tea 30g


Matcha Hana green tea is a ceremonial tea and among the most sought after. It originates from Kyoto Prefecture in Japan. It is the richest tea in antioxidants with about...

Vanilla extract 10g


Vanilla extract is mainly used in the flavoring of sweets and other pastry products such as ice cream, cakes and cookies, in the flavoring of fruit salads, in smoothies, milkshakes,...

Porcelain infuser


Porcelani është një nga materialet ideale për çajnikë. Muret e lëmuara nuk e mbjanë aromën e infuzioneve të mëparshme pas pastrimit. Porcelani e ruan tërësisht aromën delikate të çajit gjatë...

Maca powder 50g


Maca, otherwise known as Peruvian Ginseng, comes from the Andes Mountains in Latin America. It is a well-known aphrodisiac and a plant used to increase energy and strengthen immunity, against...

Moringa 30g


Moringa is a tree originating from equatorial countries, widely used in traditional medicine. It is rich in proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body. It helps control...

Himalayan scented salt illuminator


Himalayan salt is also used to make “Salt Lighters”… they are not something you can eat, but they have become so popular that they deserve a dignified mention. These indoor...

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