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Red juniper essential oil 10ml


Red Juniper essential oil stands out for its antiseptic, fungicidal and antimicrobial properties. It is mainly used in aromatherapy. Consult your doctor for any other use. is commonly used in Aromatherapy, massages,...

Black Juniper Essence 10ml


• High vitamin C content • Powerful antioxidant • Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation in the skin •Reduces age/sun spots and clears pores • Diuretic: helps kidney function by stimulating urination •...

Eucalyptus essential oil 10ml


Eucalyptus essence is a top-notch essence distilled from the leaves and stems of Eucalyptus globulus. It has been used for a long time as a cough reliever, to clear phlegm,...

Helichrysum essential oil 10ml


Helichrysum essential oil (Helichrysum arenarium, Everlasting flower) • anti-inflammatory: relieves muscle pain • anti fungal • anti bacterial: protects against colds and coughs • anti-allergic: reduces allergy symptoms and especially contact...

Chaste essential oil 10ml


Chaste essential oil is distilled from the fruits of the chaste tree (Vitex agnus castus). It has a medium aromatic note and is often used in massage oil blends for...

Lavender essential oil 10ml


LAVENDER OIL (skin care, cooking, air freshener) • reduces anxiety and emotional stress • heals burns and wounds • improves quality of sleep • repairs facial complexion and reduces acne...

Pine essential oil 10ml


Pine essential oil is distilled from the needles of Pinus sylvestris. It has an aromatic base note with dry balsamic aromas and turpentine-like notes. It is mainly used in blends...

Oregano essential oil 10ml


OREGANO ESSENTIAL OIL • anti bacterial: helps fight bacteria • anti fungal: fights mold in the body thanks to high levels of thymol • antioxidant: acts against free radicals in...

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