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Nutmeg 400g


Grated nutmeg is applied directly on prepared dishes such as: pasta, lasagna, risotto, sauces, purees, cheeses, etc. Nutmeg (or Indian nut), thanks to its characteristic aroma, is also widely used...

Basil 150g


Because of its pleasant aroma, basil is used in almost all kinds of sauces, in vegetable soups, in various dishes, cooking meat and meatballs, boiled vegetables, bruschettas, etc. When used...

Aromatic mixed curry 480g


Kurri originates from India and its composition is based on a mixture of over nine different types of spices. It is mainly used in cooking rice, preparing pasta sauces, in...

Bay leaves 50g


Bay leaf (Lauris Nobilis) is a well-known and used spice since ancient times. It gives a special and quite pleasant aroma in cooking. It is mainly used in the cooking...

Chia seeds 530g


Chia seeds, the superfood that our body needs. Considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They are rich in nutrients like protein and fiber that are very important...

Minced garlic 500g


In contact with the moisture contained in the cooking, the garlic dissolves releasing its fresh aroma. It is mainly used in oven and roast meats, in fish dishes, in sauces...

Cinnamon 380g


The name cinnamon comes from the Italian, from the special shape of the plant like a cane. The English name "cinammon" has its origin from Arabic and means aromatic plant....

Aromatic salt 655g


Composition : Salt, sage, rosemary and garlic. Use : In the product you have in hand, we have made it possible to insert the aroma of mountain sage, fresh rosemary...

Himalayan salt 800g


Pink Himalayan iodized salt contains over 80 different types of minerals that are very necessary for the various metabolic processes of the body. It is used as table salt, just...

Kripë Himalaje e imët 800g


Kripa Rozë e Himalajes e jodizuar përmban mbi 80 lloje të ndryshme mineralesh tepër të nevojshme për proceset e ndryshme metabolike të organizmit. Përdoret si kripë tryeze, njësoj si kripa...

Parsley 105g


It is mainly used in the cooking of roasted and cured meats, in various soups and dishes, in sauces, Russian salads, baked potatoes, etc. In contact with cooking moisture, it...

Mint 125g


Mint or dhjozma, mendreza, mint is widely used in traditional Albanian cuisine. It is mainly used in dishes and cooking pumpkins, spinach, leeks, in risottos and stuffed, oven dishes, squares,...